The Oregon Health Authority, together with the Oregon Military Department, is assembling the Oregon Medical Station (OMS) beginning Friday, March 20, at the Salem Fairgrounds. The OMS is a temporary mobile facility dedicated for emergency use in situations like the COVID-19 pandemic. The mobile facility will provide an alternate site for 250 patients currently in nursing home care.

The OMS will:

  • Include beds, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipment to support 250 patients.
  • Be staffed by members of the State Emergency Registry of Volunteers in Oregon (SERV-OR) and the Oregon Disaster Medical Team (ODMT).
  • Have staffing for 24/7 operations.
  • Be housed in the Jackson Long building at the Salem Fairgrounds in a state-owned building.
  • Use dedicated supplies that have been stored in Salem at the State and Federal Surplus Property.

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