Cascade Health Alliance working to improve community spaces in Klamath Falls

September 28, 2018

Tayo Akins, CEO of Cascade Health Alliance, and his entire staff were at the at Mills-Kiwanis Park opening event and have been working collaboratively with the Mills Neighborhood Association to create an environment people are proud to live in and feel safe using public spaces. Over the last year, CHA has contributed more than $50,000 to help improve community health outcomes through member engagement and community space improvements.


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Advanced Health strives to get ahead of the local drug crisis

September 27, 2018

Advanced Health and their community partners are working hard to reduce the amount of overdoses caused by fentanyl. In November, there will be several free public events to raise awareness about drug problems in Southern Oregon with panels hosted by the Department of Corrections, law enforcement, health care providers, and other local partners. Additionally, Advanced Health and The HIV Alliance are working to provide free naloxone and training on how to administer it to stop overdoses.


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Local Students Build Garden Beds Through Umpqua Health Alliance Grant

September 25, 2018

Roseburg Junior Academy and Freemont Middle School are the first two schools in Douglas County to be approved for free garden beds under the Kitchen Garden Project. Funding to build the garden beds was made possible by a grant from the Umpqua Health Alliance. Nearly a dozen fourth through eighth graders constructed frames for three garden beds, carefully added two layers of soil and planted vegetable seeds. The aim is to get students outside to create, sustain and harvest vegetable gardens to promote healthy eating habits that can improve overall health and reduce the risk from major illnesses due to poor health choices.


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OHA OHP Member Survey Shows High Levels of Satisfaction with CCOs

September 11, 2018

OHA conducted a survey among OHP members in late August 2018 to gauge their satisfaction with services, in addition to ways to improve care through CCO 2.0.  Notably, 90 percent of OHP members indicated they were satisfied with the plan and the care they had received.


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OHA News Release: Oregon Health Plan members satisfied with OHP and coordinated care organizations, support proposals to improve CCOs

Oregon Health Policy Board Reviews Draft Version of CCO 2.0 Report Set for Finalization Oct. 15

September 11, 2018

The Oregon Health Policy Board received at its Sept. 11 meeting a draft version of the CCO 2.0 report from the Oregon Health Authority detailing recommended policies and policy implementation expectations. A draft Health Equity Impact Assessment, which features input from OHP members, was also included. OHA will make changes to the draft report and finalize for OHPB and public review by

September 28th. OHPB will vote on the final draft report October 15th. After OHPB adopts recommendations, OHA will no longer be able to accept public comment on issues that directly relate to the procurement of the contracts.


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Full draft CCO 2.0 report:,%202018%20OHPB%20Meeting%20Materials.pdf