WOAH celebrates new administrative facility, new name

Western Oregon Advanced Health has made some changes for the better — including a new administrative facility  located on the same campus as its partner Coos Health and Wellness and a new brand.

WOAH, which connects more than 18,000 Coos and Curry County residents on the Oregon Health Plan to local physical, mental and dental care, will now be known as Advanced Health.

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Measure 101 worries healthcare industry

COOS COUNTY — Come January, Oregon voters will have to decide if they want to overturn a health care tax plan approved by the legislature this summer to address a funding gap in the state’s Medicaid program.

The taxes were an effort to keep hundreds of thousands of low-income Oregonians on the Oregon Health Plan by addressing budget shortfalls through a 1.5 percent assessment on health insurance and .7 percent assessment on hospitals and coordinated care organizations.

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Don’t repeal Oregon health care model

Congressional Republicans’ recent failure to repeal Obamacare hasn’t stopped a small contingent of radicalized lawmakers, led by state Rep. Julie Parrish, from attempting to take health care away from hundreds of thousands of Oregonians.

By asking voters to repeal funding for Medicaid, they essentially are asking voters to force more uninsured Oregonians to seek care in costly and often unnecessary emergency settings, which we all pay for.

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Circle the Bat draws more than 150 participants

A total of 49 individuals and 38 relay teams completed the annual Circle The Bay road run last Saturday.

The 30-kilometer race took runners from Ferry Road Park through North Bend, through Coos Bay and Eastside and around the waters of Coos Bay along East Bay Drive and back to the park by crossing McCullough Bridge.

Two relay teams set new division records.

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Coos County gets call boxes for suicide bridge

NORTH BEND, Ore. (AP) — An Oregon county has obtained suicide call boxes after witnessing an alarming spike in the number of people attempting suicide at a popular bridge.

The 30-pound stainless steel boxes are equipped with a blue light that will glow once the sun goes down. Users press a button that immediately connects them with a 911 operator who will communicate with them through a speaker.

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Plan to install emergency phones on McCullough Bridge moves forward

NORTH BEND, Ore. — Plans to install two emergency phones on the McCullough Bridge in North Bend are moving forward.

The Oregon Department of Transportation approved the application for two devices to be installed.

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Health care providers team up for charity

SOUTH COAST – Area health care providers are splitting into teams and going head-to-head in the name of charity. The second annual provider basketball tournament is April 8 at 10 a.m. inside the North Bend High School gym, bringing eight teams to grapple for the title.

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Coast officials hope phone boxes will curb bridge suicides

NORTH BEND, Ore. (AP) – Officials on the Oregon coast say investing in two suicide-prevention phone booths at a bridge were suicides occur is worth the money if it saves a life.

The World reports (http://bit.ly/2no9yq0 ) that the proposed phone booths that would be located at the McCullough Bridge in North Bend have been met with public criticism.

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GOP’s ‘no-health-care’ plan

For anyone who doesn’t understand the reasons why Congress still hasn’t kept its (and President Trump’s) promise to overturn the Obama Administration’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, we have thousands of them right here on the South Coast.

The replacement plan announced by Republican Congressional leaders this week is being vilified, even by rank and file lawmakers in their own party. Estimates are that some 14 million people could lose health insurance coverage in the next year, rising to as high as 24 million over the next decade. That should be unacceptable no matter what your political party affiliation.

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GOP health bill worries rural Oregon

COOS COUNTY — Coos County Medicaid recipients and healthcare providers are reeling after the release of House Republicans’ American Health Care Act last week, which has been projected to leave millions of Americans uninsured.

The loss in coverage — estimated to be around 14 million people by next year and as high as 24 million over the next decade — would be especially detrimental to rural areas like the South Coast.

Oregon’s decision to expand eligibility for Medicaid in 2014 led to increased enrollment in the Oregon Health Plan, the state’s Medicaid program.

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