Sobering station fully funded

Cascade Health Alliance (CHA) made a $250,000 donation this week for the construction of a new sobering station in Klamath Falls. “The primary purpose of a sobering station is to provide individual people with a safe place to sleep off the effects of alcohol. In the absence of a sobering station, such individuals are picked up by law enforcement for public intoxication or end up in the hospital emergency department,” said CHA President and CEO Tayo Akins…

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Klamath Falls Gospel Mission Prepares to Break Ground

The Klamath Falls Gospel Mission is preparing to break ground on the Klamath Works campus.

The new mission will house about 45 men and 16 women. It will be three different buildings off 6th avenue near the viaduct.

The entire project costs about $2.6 million dollars, and so far, the mission has raised about $2.4 million dollars. About 50 percent of those donations have come frmo community members.